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    • New building extraction method based on semantic segmentation

    • Vol. 27, Issue 11, Pages: 2593-2602(2023)   

      Published: 07 November 2023

    • DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20211029     

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  • Long L H,Zhu Y T,Yan J W,Liu J J and Wang Z Y. 2023. New building extraction method based on semantic segmentation. National Remote Sensing Bulletin, 27(11):2593-2602 DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20211029.
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Department of Geography and Spatial Information Techniques, Ningbo University
Industrial Research Institute of Remote Sensing, Ningbo University, Shiye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Hubei Key Laboratory of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Hubei University
Anhui Provincial Laboratory of Intelligent Interconnection System, Hefei University of Technology
Anhui Key Laboratory of Industrial Safety and Emergency Technology, Hefei University of Technology