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    • Land surface temperature downscaling in urban area:A case study of Beijing

    • Vol. 25, Issue 8, Pages: 1808-1820(2021)   

      Published: 07 August 2021

    • DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20211309     

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  • Li N N,Wu H and Luan Q Z. 2021. Land surface temperature downscaling in urban area: A case study of Beijing. National Remote Sensing Bulletin, 25(8):1808-1820 DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20211309.
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School of Geography and Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences
Artificial Intelligence School, Wuchang University of Technology
Department of Environmental Research and Innovation, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Belvaux
Anhui Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecological Protection and Restoration, Anhui University
Anhui Provincial Laboratory of Information Materials and Intelligent Perception