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    • High-resolution urban vegetation coverage estimation based on multi-source remote sensing data fusion

    • Vol. 25, Issue 6, Pages: 1216-1226(2021)   

      Published: 07 June 2021

    • DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20219178     

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  • Pi X Y,Zeng Y N and He C Q. 2021. Estimating urban vegetation coverage on the basis of multi-source remote sensing data and temporal mixture analysis. National Remote Sensing Bulletin, 25(6):1216-1226 DOI: 10.11834/jrs.20219178.
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State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Urban Environment Process and Simulation
Beijing Laboratory of Water Resources Security
College of Resource Environment and Tourism, Capital Normal University
Remote Sensing Satellite General Division, China Academy of Space Technology
National Engineering Laboratory for Satellite Remote Sensing Applications (NELRS), Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences